Grafted Heart Ministries

Yahweh  is Awesome!  I have really been blessed by Yeshua in my life and He has been so faithful to His promises. I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and 3 awesome sons. Our oldest son married our pastor's daughter and we now have a beautiful granddaughter and a handsome grandson.  What more could you ask for? I thank God for my family. We are truly put together by God. It is a true example of God not seeing color or nationallity. He's awesome!
Over the years I have been doing a lot of ministering in different countries. God has called me to the nations and it has been an honor to be able to serve Him in this way. I used to do a lot of ministering here in the United States but I find my joy in the nations of the world. God is doing some incredible things throughout the world and I so blessed to be a part of it. Some people ask; why do you go there when we need you here? Well, the answer was so beautifully spoken on one of our mission trips to the Ukraine. One of the ladies gave her devotion one morning and said "God never divided His people by nations - We Did! We believe in the scripture "Go YE into all the world and preach the Gospel." There are so many who are dying without Yeshua and someone has to reach them
Does the Word of God teach us to keep Him all to ourselves? No! I want to be able to stand before Him and here Him say "Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant" and that's going to cost me everything I am and all that I have.
In 2007, we have decided get rid of a lot of pagan Traditions, & fleshly desires.  Some might not agree with the changes that we have made in our lives but I can tell you that I have seen the power of God move in our midst like never before.  I have experienced a deeper intimacy with the Lord during our Praise & Worship services and it has been incredibly awesome!  I have been leading Praise & Worship for a long time and I know without a doubt that we are on the right track and it's POWERFUL!
Since touring in Israel this past November, my eyes were really opened to a lot of truth that somehow I was never taught in all of my years of living this christian life.  I have learned so much this year about what God really desires from me and how I have missed the truth in so many areas of my christian walk.  I have had to ask myself many questions like "Why do we worship on a day when God created the 7th day (The Sabbath) as the day that He created for us to worship?", "Why do we call God by names that are not actually His name?  "Why have we made our worship a "self seeking" concert?, "Why do we celebrate holidays that are "pagan" holidays?, "Why do we as Christians follow after traditions and celebrations without ever studying them out?  There are so many other questions that I have had to ask myself this past year.  I'm so thankful to be where I am today. 
Listening to the voice of God when He speaks has been a great challenge to me this year but It has changed my life.  There are a lot of songs that come prophetically in our services and I count it an honor to be used by Adonai in this way.  I never want to walk away from the joy that I have experienced this past year.  
One night during our worship time, I experienced something that I have never experienced before.  I left the stage and was worshipping around the altar and the Power of God was being poured out so strong in my belly that I almost could not stand it.  I heard Adonai saying that He was placing a stronger anointing in me and I was saying "No."  It wasn't because I didn't want it.  It was only because I was not ready to pay the price for it.  Some people think that the anointing comes because you are talented but that's not true.  A person is anointed because they have paid the price through tribulation, trials, situations in life, sin that has been overcome and forgiven and mainly time spent in the Word and with the Father.  I finally gave in and thanked God for the anointing that He has placed on my life and it has been a wonderful experience in my walk with Him.
Very seldom do we follow a song list during our services.  We come together and lift us His name and exalt Him for who He is.  I know that for visitor's sake we should have a song list so that they can read the words to the songs on the big screen but I think that it's more important to worship Adonai, lift Him up and allow Him to draw everyone to Himself.  Sometimes we can go through the motions of our services and miss what God really wants from us.  I believe that He desires an unplanned service with an unrehearsed worship experience that will change our lives forever as we seek Him unselfishly. 
Every service is an awesome experience as we digilently seek the face of Adonai.  I desire so much to hear His voice and worship Him the way that He desires for us to worship.  A lifestyle and a heart of desire that we have never known before.  I have known in my heart  for a long time that there is something more to our worship times than we have ever experienced and that we have to dig deeper into the heart of God to know His heart and His desires. 
                                                Singing from a Grafted Heart,